In 2011 an 5.8 earthquake rocked the Mid-Atlantic.  Centered in Mineral, VA it left many of Louisa County School Districts' buildings damaged & uninhabitable.  Causing over $60 million in damage the school year was in jeopardy.  Faced with the daunting task of salvaging the school year. District officials turned to M Space Holdings LLC & Compliant Access Products, LLC to provide classroom swing space & access products. 

In a coordinated effort, Compliant Access Products was able to install the needed aluminum steps, decks, & platforms while M Space set the modular facilities. Over 15,000 square feet of Redd Team TM aluminum access products were installed by C.A.P. in under three weeks.  Conventional wooden ramps would have take more than twice the time and caused the district to miss their February opening date. In addition, the aluminum product will be 100% reused after Louisa High School project saving tons of wooden waste.  

Compliant Access Products provided the Louisa community with safe ADA access to their new facilities in a very timely manor.  In this disaster relief effort, C.A.P. was able to meet and exceed the installation expectations.  Please consider C.A.P. and the Redd Team TM aluminum steps, ramps, & decks on your next project.