We provide site specific CAD & PDF drawings free of charge with each proposal.  Drawing requests are typically delivered in less than 24 hours.  We also partner with premier 3rd party Professional Engineers to offer wet sealed drawings for 48 states.  Click our link below for sample drawings.


Wood & steel canopies have longevity problems, that is why our canopy systems are 100% aluminum.  They are designed to meet all local governing codes, wind-loads & standards per the site location.  Click our link below for bid purposes or to learn more about how our canopies that meet 2015 IBC & ASCE/SEI 7-10 codes.

Canopy Types

Depending on your need, there are a variety of canopy types.  Below are our most popular canopy types:

Walkway Canopies are our most popular canopies. They are often ideal for K-12 schools, covering sidewalks, modular facilities, & serve a variety of commercial uses. 

Overhead Support Canopies are used to cover entranceways & help rain out of the doorway. 

Walkway Canopies with Beams are similar to standard walkway canopies but utilize 7" C Beams. The beams are required when the distance between post / columns exceed 13'-0" on free standing canopies.  

Footing Options

Concrete footings for aluminum canopy posts are designed primarily to meet wind uplift & bearing stresses applied to the canopy.  These stresses can vary based on the job's geographic location.  All designs & plans should take local codes & wind-load requirements into consideration.  To find local wind-load requirements visit ASCE 7.  In most cases, canopy post can be either surface mounted our floated in the concrete footing. Below are detailed drawings: